Wednesday, 12 November 2008

2009 Sydney Festival - Jan 10 -31

Tickets are now on sale for the 2009 Sydney Festival. The majority of the family events take place in Riverside, Parramatta. If you wanted something closer to the city you can check out Kids in the Garden at the THE FAMOUS SPIEGELTENT or get the kids up early for Dawn Chorus.

Other family highlights include:
Dan Zanes and friends : all ages - Jan 11-12
Join Dan Zanes, former lead singer of rock group The Del Fuegos, his Brooklyn-based band and eclectric music guests as they perform irresistible grooves inspired by all kinds of music from folk roots to early rock ‘n’ roll. Having incited a pint-sized Beatles-like mania throughout the USA, now Dan Zanes brings his rousing family gig to Sydney.
The tragical life of cheeseboy: 8 year and over - Jan 11- 12 + Jan 13-15
Inside a magical travelling theatre tent, discover a storyteller who shares an enchanting and timeless tale.
The Promise: 6 year and over - January 28-31
The Promise is a spectacular fusion of circus and puppetry – dive into a young boy’s imagination while he travels to the far-flung edges of the world with his toy elephant and favourite book. Sparked by a tragedy, he leaves behind the dusty Australian outback, finding new friends and adventure along the way.

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