Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Contemporary Australia: Optimism | QLD | 15 Nov - 22 Feb

The latest exhibition at the QLD Art Gallery encompasses many facets of contemporary Australian visual art and culture, the exhibition includes painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, installation, video and video installation, cinema, animation, performance, music and comedy.

For ‘Contemporary Australia: Optimism’, the Children’s Art Centre presents interactive art works and projects created by a number of exhibiting artists especially for children and families. Spanning both levels of the Children’s Art Centre and beyond, the projects encourage children to explore and discover the fresh and imaginative ways that Australian artists consider their world.

Highlights include:
Thomas Meadowcroft Walk the car
A large-scale sound theatre introduces children to Thomas Meadowcroft’s experimental approach to music. Relating to his sound work Monaro Eden 2008 in the exhibition, children are invited to take a different car journey and create endless patterns and sequences of car sounds as they travel through the space.

Arlene Texta Queen Rides with the brides
Diners at the Galleries Cafe and Bistro can take part in a collaborative project featuring activities and imagery by the artist on tabletop sheets. With the artist’s medium of choice — the texta pen, children and families complete the pictures which make each tablecloth a unique collaboration.

Tony Albert Alien Nation Embassy
Tony Albert’s interest in aliens responds to both the alienation of Indigenous people within their own country and the ‘alien invasion’ of Australia by Europeans in 1788. Especially for kids, Tony Albert has created the Alien nation embassy and invites all earthlings to become honorary citizens — but not before passing the ‘citizenship test’! The multimedia installation features a population counter, video footage of the artist with the aliens, and electronic swipe cards for kids to access secret alien information.

Contemporary Australia: Optimism
15 Nov 2008 - 22 Feb 2009
QLD Art Gallery

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