Friday, 17 October 2008

Sculpture by the Sea - Bondi Beach and beyond

Photography by Fiona Hueston

Today we headed out to the Sculpture by the Sea before the crowds hit it over the weekend.
Sculpture by the Sea is a wonderful way to spend time with your family....fresh air, exercise and interactive art.

Unfortunality not all of the Sculptures are interactive. I found it hard to keep up my 4 year old to keep him off the Sculptures that could not be touched ( even though they seemed to be tempting children to climb all over them). It does add an little element of stress to the day because their are adults there without children who feel they need to enforce the no touching rule by yelling or frowning. Not a very nice to experience art as a child.

On a positive note our family favourites:

The Bush Ranger: fantastic for kids to run in and out of the over sized helmet.
Ode to joy: This one is very hidden but is well worth looking for.
Underfoot: They loved pretending the creatures were real
Form of Scenery : Beware, kids love it but are not allowed to touch.
Humpback gunship: One of the most kid friendly sculptures. The kids climb into a metal whale and come out at the mouth.
New nomadic Home: I could not get my 4 year and 7 year old out of this piece. really wonderful>would love to have this in our back yard.
You want to do what??!! (Tow an iceberg from Antarctica) . Great interactive piece on the beach at Tamarama.

My favourite:
Bjorn Godwin:
if you need an extension of time to pay, press#

Check it all out and enjoy. We will go back to experience it all again.

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