Thursday, 12 June 2008

What Does Red do on Thursday? Review

We saw the performance What Does Red do on Thursday? at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre today as part of the Out of the Box Festival.

The piece was performed by Joachim Torbahn, one of the founders of the German touring performance company Thalias Kompagnons.

The performance revolved around a transparent canvas, in a darkened room, and told the story of a red dot. Torbahn's narration was minimal. He told us that the story was in seven chapters, and at the start of each chapter he explained in a few words what red was about to do.

The story of red then came alive as Torbahn stood behind the transparent canvas and painted each chapter to classical music.

The children in the audience were entranced with the performance from start to end, gasping when Torbahn used a huge paint brush, spontaneously clapping when he painted something impressive, and calling out the names of things they recognised.

The Out of the Box Festival is a highly organised event and despite the crowds of children its attracting, we had no trouble with parking, eating or moving around with a double stroller!

If you live in South East Queensland I highly recommend you go to Southbank this weekend, book yourselves a ticket to What Does Red do on Thursday? and take in the free events which are spread around the arts complexes.

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