Monday, 16 June 2008

Son of Rambow - SFF review

Son of Rambow
Director - Garth Jennings; Country - France, United Kingdom

Last weekend we saw our first film within the kids strand of the Sydney Film Festival. We were not disappointed.

Son of Rambow is set in the 80s and is about two boys who form an unlikely friendship and team up to make their own film based on Rambo. The highlight of the film for my children (10 and 6) were the scenes that involved the film making. I loved going to see a film with my children that did not rely on computer generated graphics to tell a story.

Themes within the film include friendship, family and following your creativity. When we got home my six year old dragged out the video camera and has not put it down since.

This film is suited to older children as there is some mild language.

Other films within the festival we are not going to miss are Red Like the Sky and Where is Winkys Horse. ** Tickets for children are only $7.00.

Next Screening of Son of Rambow:
22 June 2008 1.45PM Dendy Opera Quays

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