Sunday, 8 June 2008

55th Sydney Film Festival

Son Of Rambow
The Sydney Film Festival is once again upon us and have as like last year put together a great selection of films for families.

Opening the kids strand of the festival is the highly commercial Kung Fu Panda. If you go past the opening night film you will find some real treasures for your family. We are looking forward to the sequel to Winkys Horse (screened last year) 'Where is Winkys Horse?' (6+)

Red like the Sky and Son like Rambow are suited to older children (8+) giving them a chance to see thought provoking cinema. For younger children the strand features A Tale of two Mozzies(5+) from Denmark and Go West! A Lucky Luke Adventure (7+) from France.

A tale of two Mozzies and Where is Winkys Horse will be presented with a live voice over.

Son of Rambow
Director - Garth Jennings; Country - France, United Kingdom
9 June 200812.00PM State Theatre
22 June 2008 1.45PM Dendy Opera Quays

Red Like the Sky
Director - Cristiano Bortone; Country - Italy
19 June 2008 6.45PM GU George Street
21 June 2008 12.15PM GU George Street

Where is Winky's Horse?
Director - Mischa Kamp ; Country - Belgium, The Netherlands
15 June 2008 2.15PM GU George Street
22 June 2008 12.00PM GU George

A Tale of Two Mozzies
Director - Jannik Hastrup, Flemming Quist Møller; Country - Denmark
9 June 2008 2.00PM GU George Street
14 June 2008 1.45PM GU George Street

Go West! A Lucky Luke Adventure
Director - Olivier Jean-Marie; Country - France
15 June 2008 12.00PM GU George Street

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