Saturday, 24 September 2016


Storks is a family friendly animated adventure into the world of package delivery, storks delivering babies is no longer a profitable business, the focus is now on the delivery of the latest mobile phones or household items.

With an all-star cast, Mr and Mrs Gardner voiced by Jennifer Anniston and the modern family’s favourite Dad Ty Burrell, have a son called Nate.  Nate is lonely and longs for a brother and his parents to pay him more attention instead of working all of the time.  One day Nate stumbles across an old book in the attic with instructions on how to order a baby from the storks and so the adventure begins.

Hunter, voiced by Kelsey Grammer is the Stork Chairman, his top employee is Junior voiced by Andy Samberg.  Junior is nominated for a big promotion if only he can get rid of Tulip, the annoying human girl who was created at the Stork factory but never got delivered to her true family due to a mix up. It is Tulip who finds the letter that Nate has written and sets off with the unwilling help of Junior to deliver the baby Nate desires.

Many obstacles are faced on the way including the very funny wolf pack and a very strange Pigeon Toady.  My only criticism of the movie is that I found Pigeon Toady difficult to understand at times, other than that I would highly recommend it, my 5 and 7 year old daughters thoroughly enjoyed it although parents, be prepared for the inevitable question of “how are babies made?” when leaving the cinema.

by Amanda and her family

Storks is now screening Nationally. 

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