Friday, 30 September 2016

Erth Dinasour Zoo / Seymour Centre

This September 27th to 1st Oct the Seymour Centre is hosting the wildly acclaimed Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo.

My children ages 3 and 7, and I were luckily enough to go and see Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo at the Seymour Centre yesterday. It is suggested that it is suitable for children 5+ but I took a chance with my 3 yr old daughter, and she loved it!

Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo is technically a very elaborate puppet show, but these are no naive puppets on strings, these are amazing and exquisitely made walking roaring dinosaurs! The look, sound and move like absolutely "alive” prehistoric creatures. We enjoyed the production very much. The show is hosted by a charming and funny palaeontologist, with interesting facts and educational dino info for the kids, plus some tongue and cheek laughs for the adults. 

The show starts with the the introduction of the smaller Dino’s to help the kids settle into being comfortable and curious about these highly lifelike creatures. It then moves on to the bigger and scarier dinosaurs where you might be deceived to thinking these are live creatures for a while as they look so real. Even though the host is openly reminds up these are only puppets, the dinosaurs delight the kids with their realism of movement and loud scary roars. 

My 7 year old son knew they were puppets but he enthusiastically played along letting them scare him out of his seat! The talented designers, makers and puppeteers of Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo have done an amazing job here to delight us into believing we are being entertained by these “alive” creatures while we are in the theatre. 

For $22 a ticket for this 60min show, I would definitely recommend the whole family to go along and enjoy this amazing Dinosaur experience these school holidays. Even though it says 5+ I think kids from 3yrs will be ok also. Also, make sure you stay back after the show as the kids are able to interact, pat and take photos with the smaller Dino’s, it was a great experience and all of us we thoroughly loved the show.

by Virginia and family
Erth Dinosaur Zoo / Seymour Centre

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