Monday, 16 June 2014

Rio 2

It was with much excitement that I took my three sons (11, 9 and 4) to the preview screening of Rio 2.  My four year old couldn't remember the first movie when we spoke about it the night before but quickly remembered as soon as we walked in and he saw those familiar images again.

All the favourite characters are back in this one plus some new ones and it was the new characters that seemed to catch my children's imagination.  So much so that I wondered if some of the characters from the first movie seemed a little superfluous.

The movie was fun with similar environmental themes, lots of music (and songs, were there songs in the first one?  I can't remember) and colourful flying/dancing sequences.  The laughs were slow to come but were definately there a little after mid-way.  All three children enjoyed it.  My eleven year old said he enjoyed how distinctly different all the characters were from each other.  If I told you what the nine and four year old liked I'd be ruining the end and a minor twist.

Sarah Brill

Release date: 3 July 2014

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