Sunday, 8 June 2014

Next Goal Wins | Sydney Film Festival 2014

I wanted to take my eldest son (16) to one of the classified films within the Sydney Film Festival.  He is a mad soccer fan and with the World Cup coming up soon, the documentary Next Goal Wins was an easy choice. 

In 2001, Australia famously beat the American Somoa team 31 - 0 taking them to the bottom of the ladder and was the worst defeat in international soccer history. The documentary follows the American Somoan team in their quest to move on from their past humiliating defeat and to qualify for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.  It was a joy to meet the team and be a part of this uplifting journey - especially Jaiyah Saelua and Dutch coach Thomas Rongen.

Next Goal Wins is a celebration of team work, acceptance and perseverance and is a breath of fresh of air in a world of sporting endorsement deals and badly behaved players.  You don't need to be soccer or even sport mad to take something away from Next Goal Wins. 

rated M
Screening at Sydney Film Festival
7 June and 11 June 2014

Not classified at the festival but from what I have seen so far I will be taking all or some of my family to see the following films when they get released: 

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