Saturday, 1 February 2014

Cai Guo-Qiang | Falling Back to Earth

Over the last weekend of the school holidays my youngest son (10) and I went to Brisbane to spend time with family. One of the highlights was our time at the Gallery of Modern Art to visit their exhibition of artist, Cai Guo - Qiang.

We were very lucky to be the first in to see the exhibition that morning and walking into the room of Heritage 2013 featuring 99 animals from around the world drinking from a single watering hole was exhilarating.

A large Eucalptyus tree which was earmarked for clearing for an urban development (Eucalyptus 2013) sits patiently as visitors explore its colours, shapes and textures.  Children (and adults) are invited to sit and draw. 

'By placing a tree in a gallery space, Cai references the Chinese literati tradition in which artists and poets would commune with nature to gain their moral and spirtual bearings, and represent the landscape as a reflection of their experiences and values.'

Head On 2006 (inspired by Berlin's turbulent history) allowed the children to walk amongst the pack of 99 wolves throwing themselves towards a large glass panel. 

My son and his cousins (8 and 11) spent over an hour within Cai Guo - Qiang's children's project Lets Create an exhibition with a boy named Cai. They created explosion events, gunpowder drawings, and built tress, boats and animals.

If you live in Brisbane do not miss this exciting exhibition and if you are interstate do whatever you can to visit.

Another must see when visiting the gallery is the  exhibition Everyday Magic which 'focuses on how the everyday - both material and situations - can be transformed into art'.

Gallery of Modern Art - Brisbane
until 11 May 2014
* Free admission for children 12 years and under

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