Monday, 6 January 2014

Sydney Festival 2014 | Family

image: Joshua Morris

Ok - we have been busy so this is my first chance to go through the Sydney Festival 2014 program in detail.  The festival starts this week and is a great way to fill in the last few weeks of the school holidays.

There is a lot to choose from this year -  a wonderful selection of performances and activities for families - and if you still want more, it is also fun to beyond the family strand (especially if you have older children) to discover some interesting finds.

If you are a family of four - the festival also has family packages for some performances. For families on a budget these holidays but still want their children to be involved in the festival -  check out the free performances and activities on offer.

We love everything in the program but we are looking into these performances:

Othello - The remix: My eldest son (15) would love it if this is how Shakespeare is taught in school.
Band of Magicians: Magic is extremely popular in our house at the moment with my youngest son (9) and this performance is number one on his list!
Ockham's Razor: Looks absolutely amazing - Circus meets storytelling.
The Piper: Limited tickets to be involved and on stage of this intriguing retelling of The Pied Piper of Hamelin.  The Piper incorporates multimedia, puppetry and stagecraft.
Tom Thum: Beating the Habit: I caught Tom at Tedx Sydney in 2013. Kids of all ages will love Tom Thum.
Jazzamatazz!: Cabaret singer Ali McGregor does jazzy beats for kids.
Lao Qiang: Expand the music your children are listening to with ancient Rock'n'Roll from the East.

To  browse the full family program visit:

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  1. we're going to tom thum on the sat - thanks for reminding me as had seen the promo in the paper and forgotten about it! annie xx