Thursday, 19 June 2008

Where is Winkys horse - SFF review

Where is Winkys Horse
Director - Mischa Kamp ; Country - Belgium, The Netherlands

On the last day of the Sydney Film Festival we caught the magical film, "Where is Winkys Horse". Although the film is in Dutch and does have subtitles, the festival provided a voice over for the smaller children to enjoy the film.

All my children enjoyed this film (10, 6 and 4 years). The film is based around Winky and her life in The Netherlands. In the first film "Winkys Horse" we watch Winky trying to adapt into a new environment. Winky is Chinese. In this sequel Winky is more confident and has the task of looking after Sintaklauses horse. (Sinta Kalus is the Dutch version of Santa Claus.) The film has themes of friendships, family and responsibility.

My family and I enjoyed the selection of films on offer this year at the festival.
Sydney Film Festival News
Audience Award: Feature at Satellite Venues - Red Like the Sky Cristiano Bortone's captivating story, based on one of Italy's leading sound editors, Mirco Mencacci, of a blind boy's passion to become a sound engineer. Red Like the Sky was part of the Accessible Cinema program, and children could also go along to this film.

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