Thursday, 24 May 2007

Our photography challenge

This month our household has decided to take on the challenge on making our own pinhole camera and discovering the process of photography. Over the next week we will document the process of making a pinhole camera. We will also be experimenting with my holga camera that has been bookshelfed in our house. We are going to be getting back to basics!

We are also making an effort to check out local photography exhibitions..

Arts Rocket has established a flickr account that you are welcome to join for your kids to upload their photography. We will be posting the kids experimental photos on this gallery. *Please note that this is not a gallery to post photos of your children but one where they can showcase their photography.

For more information:
Arts Rocket flickr
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Encourage your budding photographer
Getting your kids started with digital photography
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Photography Competitions for kids:
Thanks Dad - National Photography Competition
Up close and spineless
Intrepid Travel

Photographer: Oscar Aged 8 years

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