Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Digital Camera Project 1

My four year old son came home from preschool one day announcing that he needed to go to the Museum to take photos of the skeletons. The Australian Museum (6 College St Sydney) has a beautiful room full of interesting skeletons as well as other interesting exhibits and a room designed specifically for younger children (Kids Island). So off we went with our digital camera. We asked at the front desk if it was okay to take photos and the man said no problem so after a small detour at the dinosaur skeleton (three photos) we headed to the skeleton room where my son proceeded to click away (about 25 photos). His two year old brother was allowed to take the last photo and then the digital camera was returned safely to my bag and we continued through the museum.

At home I loaded the photos onto the computer and we went through them with my son telling me which ones he wanted in his project. He then showed me the size he wanted the photos to be and, after watching for a while, wandered away to do something else. I persevered and printed a page of his skeleton photos that he took to preschool the next day. His teacher laminated it for him and he got to show it to the rest of the class and talk about his visit to the museum.

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