Monday, 5 September 2016

A Beautiful Planet 3D | IMAX

Now playing at the Darling Harbour IMAX theatre is A Beautiful Planet in 3D. This astonishing documentary takes us on a genuine space mission alongside astronauts as they circle the Earth showing us our magnificent planet from the International Space Station ISS. Narrated by Academy award winner Jennifer Lawrence and directed by Toni Myers this film celebrates Earths beauty and also addresses its decay caused by our human race via global warming.

The cinematography is like nothing I have ever seen before, throughout the movie, its almost impossible to believe that what you are seeing in the film is real and untouched by CGI. We were taken on an adventure over the most wondrous places on Earth from the massive deserts of Australia to the bright night lights of the USA that look like stars on Earth. Seeing massive lightning storms from space was my 7 year olds favourite bit.

We also saw the devastation when passing over the rapidly melting ice sheets of Greenland and the scarring of the Earths surface caused by the masses of deforestation in South America. All along this tour of Earth we got a glimpse into the lives of the astronauts on board the ISS, who gave us insights into their daily life and inner workings of the space station, which was really interesting.

I absolutely loved this experience in 3D, my 7 and 3 years old kids were locked to their seats passive by this outstanding experience. This film is for all ages, its fascinating, educational and awe inspiring.

The IMAX 3D experience was a great way to see this film. Normally 3D films take you on a rollercoaster of fancy editing and movement that often makes me queasy, but this film had a calm but enjoyable rhythmic 3D sensation that I came out of the cinema visually and emotionally satisfied, and with calm and inspired kids too!

Virginia and family.

A Beautiful Planet 
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