Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Random Musical | Monkey Baa Theatre

If you are looking for a day out with some culture and fun, Monkey Baa Theatre is a great family venue for such an event. Situated directly opposite the children’s playground in the Darling Quarter Precinct, Monkey Baa Theatre is currently presenting Random Musical by Cre8tion till 16th July. 
The musical commences with each child writing down a random word on a card, and from these cards their random words lead the actors in taking the audience members on a clever and completely random musical adventure. Conjuring up spontaneous characters based on the audience’s random words, these talented actors completely improve the whole story with creative song, clever dialogue and costume, creating a storyline that is unlimitedly imaginative.
The kids loved the audience participation and surprises of the unexpected twists and turns of the story. Their involvement in the musical created a connection to the story that kept them entertained and creatively involved until the end. When asked who was their favourite character my son replied the pianist. He was amazed of how the pianist cleverly kept up with the actors sudden change in storylines and pace with the changes in his music.
Random Musical was lots of fun and I felt it was a great intro to improv acting and live theatre for young children. You won’t know what story you will get, but it will be definitely totally original with lots of silliness, fun and laughs.
By Virginia and Barkley
Random Musical
12th – 16th July 2016
Monkey Baa Theatre
Darling Quarter Precinct

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