Wednesday, 22 June 2016

The Red Turtle | Sydney Film Festival

a movie review by Taite (age 11)

The Red Turtle is a movie about a man that gets shipwrecked on an island, he tries to escape by building rafts but something keeps destroying it. He finds out that it was a red turtle which came on land to lay eggs the man gets angry and hits and turns over the turtle to slowly die as it can’t get to water. The red turtle dies but then reappears as a woman. He falls in love with her. They have a child and the film follows these characters till the man’s death. He remains on the island with no further desire to leave- yet his own child eventually leaves with three other turtles to see the world.

This movie shows struggles, difficulties, happy moments, ups and downs and many more emotions. Although there is no talking in this movie the pictures still give a magnificent understanding of the characters and their emotions, so little can still be enough.

The design wasn’t like an anime even thought it was made by an animation company that made another well-known anime film Totoro (Studio Ghibli). The imagery was focused on nature, while telling the story. There are very few close up shots.

This movie was sad as when the tsunami hit they experienced difficulty and a sad moment of their home land being lost and got severe injuries. At one moment I thought the father was going to die.

I think this movie is recommended for people from 9+ and for people that have patience. Some people around me thought it moved too slowly,but I was happy with the pace. This is a dramatic poetic arthouse film with a bit of romance for all ages over 9.

My rating is 4.5 out of  5

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