Saturday, 18 June 2016

The Cinema Travellers - interview with Shirley Abraham and Amit Madheshiya

Mischa (14) and Salvador (12) interviewed the directors of The Cinema Travellers screening at the Sydney Film Festival, Shirley Abraham and Amit Madheshiya. The Cinema Travellers is an enchanting documentary that follows the travelling cinemas in India. This visual feast will open the world up to your family.

What was you favourite movie when you were a kid?

Shirley: I was forbidden to watch movies. They were the handiwork of the devil. Every Saturday night, there was a movie on TV but the children were bundled into bed for the Sunday church. Else we would be on the wrong side of angels on Judgement Day. One Saturday, I sneaked out of bed to watch the night movie. It was called The Angel. It showed me the benign side of the angels that the Bible had warned me against. I loved it!  

What do you like about filming?

Amit: It is a gift, to encounter moments in real life that you could not have imagined or written. 

Why did you want to make this documentary?

Cinema is a most profound form of human expression and we encountered it in its most distilled form here, in lives of showmen who run the travelling cinemas of India. 

What do you miss from your time travelling with the travelling cinema?

The sheer wonder of that world. 

Amit, your photos are beautiful. What type camera did you use for the photographs in the film?

Canon 5D Mark II

What countries have screened (or going to) your documentary?

We premiered at Cannes and recently had our Australian premiere at Sydney Film Festival. We're premiering in north American in the fall and have invitations from many countries around the world that we are considering. 

Do you make any friends when you were filming and are you still contact with them?

Yes! We remain friends with our travelling cinemas showmen and their lives and stories continue to inspire us. We have also made friends with people who have featured in our films before and are in contact with them. 

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