Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Paper planes and collecting stuff

My youngest son (12 years) has been my child who has held the strongest love of paper planes in our family.  Whenever he is bored you will find him with a piece of A4 paper carefully transforming it into a sleek flying machine.

Just recently we discovered the beautiful paper plane collection by Harry Everett Smith (painter, filmmaker, collector).  Most of the paper planes were collected over 1961 to 1983 on the streets of New York and started their lives as junk mail, grocery lists or a scrap of found paper.

I still love to collect stones and rocks - the smaller ones I keep in a printers drawer in our hallway. My children add to the collection now and again.  They have all had tins of collections over the years. My sister-in-law told me recently of her sons stick collection.

'Children collect to discover who they are, and what the world should be.' Kimberely Stevens (NY Times).

The latest copy of BIG magazine is all about Collections.
Lisa Congdon collects collections with her Collection a Day project.
Book collections over at Hello Bookcase.
Candy Jernigan -  artist and collector of thrown away evidence of lives lived.

Do you and/or your children collect anything? Do you encourage them to start collections?

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