Monday, 28 September 2015

The Secret Life of Suitcases | Monkey Baa Theatre

My children are no longer little (17, 14 and 12). When they were younger we went to see a LOT of children's theatre. We still do but they also see a lot of adult theatre with me.  I  now keep my eye out for children's productions that I feel will carry across all ages. When my eldest son (17) was in the foyer of Griffin recently for The Witches he was not impressed to be surrounded by children running under his feet.  But after he saw Guy Edmonds on stage he quickly changed his tune. He loved it.

We were invited to the production of The Secret Life of Suitcases and I took along my youngest son(12) and his best friend. I was concerned they may be too old, but I was wrong.  The Secret Life of Suitcases had everyone in the audience drawn in from the beginning.   It was wonderful to sit in the audience to hear parents and children (of all ages) laugh, gasp and 'get' what was going on -  every element of the production worked.

The story follows Larry (in an almost George Orwell 1984 setting) - Larry is busy working, VERY busy. He has no time for anything outside work.  One day out of the blue a suitcase arrives that changes the course of his life. That is all I will reveal in this adventure as you will need to experience it for yourself.

Created by Lewis Hetherington and puppeteer Ailie Cohen (with a collaboration with Unicorn TheatreThe Secret Life of Suitcases is delightful  - please go see it with your kids - young or old.

The Secret Life of Suitcases
28 Sept - 2 October 2015
Monkey Baa
Darling Harbour Lend Lease Theatre

suitable for  4 years of age (and older!).

Learn more about this production here.
There's an app you can interact with after the performance!

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