Thursday, 24 July 2014

Thomas - Tale of the Brave

My five year old son has been into Thomas the Tank Engine since he was about two years of age. As soon as he started school this year aged five, he has become influenced by the older kids at school and therefore is now completely obsessed with superheroes, and unfortunately all that comes along with them like the violence and weapons.  So, I was a bit afraid that he would not be interested in seeing 
Thomas And Friends: Tale Of The Brave, as he hadn't shown much interest in the series lately through watching his DVD's or playing with his train set.

The movie is along the lines of the previous films; Thomas and his friends learning important lessons. In Thomas And Friends: Tale Of The Brave, Thomas and Percy learn that bravery can be shown in many ways and that being supportive and encouraging of others is an important part of friendship. Thomas learns to deal with his fear of the unknown and also deals with negative peer pressure and how it affects himself and his friends. My son sat through the whole film and I could see that he really felt connected to the situations that Thomas was placed in, and as being of school age those situations arise with him daily. We later talked about the movie and how Thomas dealt with his problems, so it was refreshing to have a dialogue with my son that enabled him to open up about his emotions and their connection to Thomas's experience, rather than our usual conversations of generic superheroes challenging evil!

Thomas And Friends: Tale Of The Brave was enjoyable for both myself and my son. I'm glad I took him along to see the movie as it has reinvigorated his friendship with Thomas the Tank Engine. My son is back to watching his Thomas DVD's and has also begun playing with his train set again, so hopefully Thomas will stay with him a few more years before the superheroes take him over completely.

Review by Rose Miller

Thomas - Tale of the Brave is now screening nationally.

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