Monday, 30 June 2014

LEO | Sydney Opera House

The stage consisted of a large screen and an empty room - the lights darkened causing tiny apprehensive whispers to circulate around the room. When the lights went up we are introduced to a man and his suitcase - how did he get there and most importantly - why was he there?

LEO is a beautiful performance incorporating physical theatre, video projection, dance, music and a piece of chalk. French acrobat William Bonnet glides around the room with his movements projected onto the big screen pulling us into alternate worlds. Bonnet's strength is spectacular but not surprising with his extensive background in aerial acrobatics.

The young audience were in fits of laughter as they jumped from screen to room in delight of this gravity defying adventure.  A small segment consisting of a repetitious dance routine may have little ones restless but will be enjoyable for older children and parents.

How does this lone man eventually leave the room?
Well......we will leave that up to you to find out.

Recommended for school holidays.

until 13 July
Sydney Opera House
for ages 8 and over

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