Saturday, 12 January 2013


Last week in Sydney the heat rose to just over 40 degrees. It was a hot one! The place to be was in the cinema. I decided I would take the kids on a mystery movie trip to see a film that didn't involve over the top special effects or animation.   There was  lots of guessing on the bus trip to the cinema on what film we would be going to see. As the bus got closer to the Palace Verona - they cried "This is a film YOU want to see!"

I saw Baraka directed by Ron Fricke in 1992 and found it mesmerising and I wanted the kids to have the same experience.

Samsara, (a Sanskrit word that means "the ever turning wheel of life") also directed by Ron Fricke  was shot over 4 years in 25 countries.   The audience gets transported out of their comfort zone to "sacred grounds, disaster  zones, industrial sites and natural wonders."

What did the kids think of it?  They were initially not impressed that they were brought to a film with no dialogue. Some parts did bore them, whilst other scenes intrigued them  and freaked them out a bit - especially performance artist Olivier de Sagazan.

Samsara is rated PG BUT please view the parents guide on IMDB to decide if this film is suitable for your family.

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