Thursday, 22 November 2012

Kids at the House 2013 - Sydney Opera House

I absolutely love it when a new season or program is announced for a theatre or festival.   Kids at the House 2013 season has just arrived for our selection pleasure.

What is on our list to see:
Horrible Histories - Awful Egyptians - Possibly one of the best TV shows out there for kids (and secretly for adults).  All my kids  are very excited about this performance.
When: 1st July - 14th July 2013 | Ages 6+

13 Storey Tree House - My youngest son is loving this new series by Andy Griffiths and fantastic to find out it will be looked after by Richard Tulloch (The book of Everything).
When: 21st Sept - 3rd Oct 2013 |

The Listies in 6D - The List Operators latest show about movies...these guys are amazing.
When: 16th - 28th April 2013 | Ages 5+

Miss Ophleia -  This performance looks intriguing..  and  based on the book Ophelia’s Shadow Theatre.
When:  27th - 28th July 2013 |

We are still looking through all the choices for 2013....for you to discover more on what is on offer visit: Kids at the House.

What is on your Kids at the House 2013 list to see?


  1. Horrible Histories!!!!!

  2. Not sure yet. But my daughter enjoyed The Listies last Sydney festival.

  3. Thanks for the great info on event at the SOH, will definitely book some events!

  4. looks good! we love heading down for the free activities every school holidays.