Sunday, 2 September 2012

Our adventure awaits

We will be heading on an overseas adventure very soon.. I am excited, the kids are very excited.. The countdown chart has started. When we travel with the kids we like to go with the flow but have a few plans up our sleeve.

The Zig Zag City Guides   (so far only Rome) looking forward to more sets coming out.
Luvaville:  child friendly hotels, restaurants and fun + culture
Wayfare Magazine - Family travel tips and inspiration.
Our travel lifestyle: A family of four who decided to change their lifestyle and travel the world!
lmnop: Great family world travel section

National Gallery: London: Guide for visiting Families
Tate Gallery: London: Tate kids
104: Paris: Children and Young Adults
Timeout Paris: Paris: Paris for kids

Journal Writing
We try and keep electronics on our travels to a minimum. My kids have always kept journals when we have travelled.  Sone days they are not in the mood to write...drawings can also tell a story! It is a wonderful keepsake that is lovely to find again years after the trip.
There a lot of journals available that prompt and guide your child through their writing. I prefer just a plain notebook that can be decorated.

We hope to also keep you up to date on our adventures here.