Friday, 13 January 2012

Circus Oz | Steam Powered

Over the holidays we jumped on a bus that led us to  Darling Harbour to catch the  latest production of  Circus Oz - Steam Powered.    This circus is not as shiny as Cirque Du Soleil  but it is  the raw qualities and boldness that wins over the audience.

The voluptuous ring mistress, Boss Lady (Sarah Ward)  attempts to keep  her family of misfits in control  whilst  the live band (my teens favourite element of the show) provides the perfect soundtrack for this rambicious crew.  Circus Oz does a wonderful job of showcasing the skills of the whole troupe.  Expect slapstick, physical performance, acrobactics, dangerous feats (we wanted more danger!) and the best magic act they could afford, The Hammond Brothers (my favourite).   Our other favourite,  Flip Kammerer stole the show as fitness instructor "Fantasia."

It is not very often you see a performance with such an eclectic audience. In front of us were 10 teen girls celebrating a birthday dressed to the nines,  young and old couples and families with excitable kids.
To pull off successfully entertaining a broad audience for two hours is a feat in itself!

  • The show runs for 2 hours with a 20 minute interval
  • The show features strobe lighting
  • All animals are 100% human
  • Drinks and snacks available (popcorn is the  best value at $3.50 but I would  avoid the ice creams at $5.00 each)
  • After the show let the kids have a run around at the new Darling Quarter playground.
Bookings and tour info
Until 29th January 2012 | Darling Harbour - Sydney

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