Monday, 12 December 2011

Kids at the House 2012 - Our picks

Escape from Peligro Island

The Kids at the House 2012 program has been announced.  We have seen some real gems over the last years of the program that caters for families young and old and the 2012 program does not disappoint.

These are our picks for the year:
White (22 - 26th Feb)
A production suited for younger audiences introduction to theatre (2 - 4 years) from Scotland's Catherine Wheels Theatre Company.

Escape from Peligro Island (19-28th April)
My kids have always loved the "Choose your Adventure" books. This takes the same concept and lets the audience choose the narrative of the play voting with their own remote controller.    *No two shows will be alike!
This exciting production was written by Finegan Kruckemeyer. Many families may have seen his beautiful piece "Boats" at the Darlinghurst in 2011.
Suitable for ages 7+
Prepare for this show to sell out!

Boxy George (3 - 13th Oct)
An intimate puppetry experience by Danish theatre Company Teater Refleksion.
George is alone
It is nice to be alone
Everything is nice and tidy
Perfect. day a box shows up.
And George is not alone anymore
Suitable for ages 5-10 years

Man Coverts Birds (18th Aug)
Another  Finegan Kruckemeyer piece!   Slingsby bring us a  coming of age journey  about flying from nests, birdsong  and the nature of man and wild things.
Suitable for ages 10+

Of course, there are many more performances to explore within the program.  I would advise booking ahead on any shows that catch you eye.
For full program and bookings visit:

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