Monday, 15 August 2011

Flying Monsters - IMAX

My kids and I went along to a screening of the film, Flying Monsters at IMAX. The 3D at the IMAX is a very different experience to the 3D films that we seem to get bombarded with every school holidays. Flying Monsters combines 3D with CGI technology which makes you feel as though you are in the film. The quality of 3D is amazing.

Flying Monsters takes you on a journey from two hundred and twenty million years ago to the present with Richard Attenbourogh as your guide to discover why lizards the size of giraffes once ruled the sky.

What I loved:
My kids are getting entertained and also learning something new about the world.

What my kids loved:
The 3D and the feeling of being able to fly with the 'monsters'.

If you have younger kids or kids that wriggle, the length of Flying Monsters is perfect- 45 minutes.

Flying Monsters runs from the 11 August at IMAX Darling Harbour.
More information on times and prices visit:
Rated: G | Length: 45 minutes