Sunday, 3 July 2011

Aleksander and the Robot Maid

Throughout history, robots have come in all shapes and sizes and have been created to make our life easier and lazier. In the school holidays, older kids will be introduced to robots who are more than meets than eye and a young boy who wants to find out why.

Aleksander and the Robot Maid at the Seymour invites families to delve into the steam punk world of robots, friendships and mysteries.

When Aleksander journeys to the hallowed city of Robotika he is captivated by the technological marvels of the Steam Age. Lured by the promise of a life of leisure, the people have been liberated from work by the box-headed Industrials. But all is not as it seems.

We enjoyed the performance but my son (aged seven) dropped in and out with some parts not grabbing his attention but overall he gave the performance the thumbs up. I think my ten and thirteen year old may have taken more away from it. The highlight for my son was the large robot at the end.

+ After each performance kids can help create a giant robot, this is great fun and something the kids can also do when they get home with spare boxes
+ Wonderful characters and a sense of adventure as you enter the world of robots
- The performance is a little bit too long at 70 minutes for younger audience members, recommended age group is eight and over

Booking details
1- 9 July
Age group: 8 - 108
Seymour Centre