Friday, 6 May 2011

Every child is an artist - Picasso

When my eldest son (who is now 12 almost 13) declared to me at the age of 3 that he could not draw ...I boosted his confidence in his drawing skills and he produced a drawing of spiderman lifting weights, which to this day makes me laugh.

Kids have an ability to draw with humour and freedom we lose as adults.

My two youngest have just rediscovered Ed Emberley. In a springclean, the Jumbo drawing book was found hidden away in our collection of books. If you have a child that is not confident in their drawing skills or one that wants to learn more - Ed Emberly is your man. He shows in basic step by step how to create fun drawings with easy instructions.

Ways to encourage your little artist:
  • Have a drawing time after dinner, dont judge just enjoy
  • I gave my kids a small spiral notebook to write down ideas for drawing (it had string that went around their neck) so it went with them everywhere.
  • Take them to exhibitions
  • Encourage and Inspire
  • Always have pencils and paper on your main table...they will be attracted by it
  • Make space on a wall for a gallery
  • The more they draw the more they love drawing