Friday, 17 December 2010

Charlie and Lola are in town

Charlie and Lola's  Best Bestest play ever opened today at the Sydney Opera House. Most families are familiar with the wonderful BBC series and books of brother and sister and their imaginative world. This charming  production by Watershed Productions brings the siblings to life with a magical mix of puppets, live action and music.

The performance which lasts just under an hour consists of  three stories within Charlie and Lola's world. Laughter filled the audience  with mostly under 5's, some even shouted out to Charlie and Lola on stage as they would to a friend.

This magical production is a must see over the school holidays!

Performance Details:
Venue: Playhouse
Dates From 17 Dec 2010 until 30 Jan 2011
Duration: 55 minutes

For more  information on:
Charlie and Lola visit:
Watershed Theatre visit

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