Monday, 8 November 2010

Art Academy - Trial

My daughter (the budding artist - aged 9) and I got to trial the new Art Academy from Nintendo. The lesson starts of with basic techniques that get you used to using the tools and progresses to more detailed drawing and painting techniques with the help of a animated guide. I found the pace quite slow but my daughter enjoyed going through each new level.

The software also has the ability of taking photos with the new Nintendo DSi and using the images within the free paint mode and there is a very good selection of brushes, pencils and paints to use.

After my daughter went through the lessons on the nintendo we moved her to paper with her pencils and paints to translate what she had learnt.

Overall, she found it be a fun way to learn some new art techniques and over time would probably develop her skills.

For more information visit: Nintendo Australia

*please note this is not paid advertising or sponsorship but a trial.

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