Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Hubble - 3D

May 2009 - Captured by the IMAX® 3D Cargo Bay Camera, STS-125 astronaut Andrew Feustel transfers the Corrective Optics Space Telescope Axial Replacement unit (COSTAR) from the Hubble Space Telescope to its temporary stowage position in the Space Shuttle Atlantis cargo bay. On-orbit footage captured by astronauts during this final historic mission is featured in the newest IMAX 3D film, Hubble 3D. Exclusive IMAX® engagements of Hubble 3D begin March 19, 2010. Narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio, Hubble 3D is an IMAX and Warner Bros. Pictures production, in cooperation with National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).
© 2010 Warner Bros. Courtesy of NASA.

The kids and I went to the preview of Hubble 3D at Imax theatre in Darling Harbour.  The Hubble is a space telescope that brings down images of the Cosmos to Earth.  This footage follows the astronauts of the Atlantis STS-125 crews mission to go up to the Hubble to repair the telescope.  

This is an amazing 3D experience for kids who have a interest in space. My youngest son got a little bored but my 12  and 9 year old loved the film.  The quality of the 3D really brings you along on the journey.

Hubble 3D will screen at IMAX Darling Harbour from 12 August 2010. The film has been rated G 
and has a running time of 43 minutes. Please visit for viewing times. 

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