Sunday, 20 June 2010

Linsey Pollak, Passing Wind - musical performance

“Linsey Pollak is one of Australia’s most brilliant and under-rated composer/musicians. He is wildly innovative in the use of instruments but never lets his experimentations get in the way of the musicality of a work.” — The Courier Mail
watch Linsey make a carrot clarinet

A quirky musical adventure that explores the science of making wind instruments work and how they are invented. Discover other uses for carrots, kitchen gloves, garden hose and irrigation pipes. Linsey turns a rubber glove into Australia's own Kitchen glove bagpipe, with a uniquely Celtic Australian flair. There are panpipes from irrigation pipe, harmonic flutes, Turkish chanters, a feather duster, watering can and instead of eating one, you can actually watch a carrot become a clarinet before your very own eyes.

Don't miss this highly entertaining and intriguing new show infused with Linsey’s gentle humour and irreverence. Linsey studied and worked as a woodwind instrument maker in Europe. He has been Musician in Residence at ScienceWorks, Museum of Victoria and Woodford Folk Festival.

Dates Friday and Saturday 9th & 10th July 2010.

Shows at 10:30 and 2
.00 pm Tickets include show and admission to the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney Prices from $10 (under 4 years free)
This show is for everyone from 5 to 95. It will appeal to anyone who has an interest in music, sound, science or just wants to be entertained and entranced.

Powerhouse Museum, Coles Theatre
500 Harris Street Ultimo
FOR MORE INFORMATION Bookings: – or info on Linsey Pollak - watch Linsey make a carrot clarinet Phone: 1300 GET TIX (438 849)

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