Thursday, 14 January 2010

The Arrival - Sydney Festival -Review

Red Leap Theatre magically brings to life Shaun Tans graphic novel The Arrival during the Sydney Festival season.

In this wordless production we see a man leave his oppressive country to set up a new life for his family in an unknown country. We follow him on his journey where at first he is lost, wandering attempting to decipher new languages, foods and rituals. Along the way he meets other immigrants who befriend him and guide him in his new life and we also learn of what horrors have forced them to flee their own lands to this new one.

The Arrival is a beautiful piece of theatre that incorporates an ingenious set design, puppetry, dance and physical theatre to tell this universal story of overcoming hardship.

Some parts of the story may go over the heads of children under the age of 8 but they will still enjoy the visual beauty of The Arrival.

Jan 10 -17 | The Arrival | Red Leap Theatre

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