Monday, 6 July 2009


Something odd is stirring in the basement of the Powerhouse Museum....
a giant liquorice allsorts shoe, a griffin sculpture, horses teeth.

The Odditoreum is a very unique display featuring a selection of weird and wonderful curiosities from deep within the vaults of the Museum’s collection.

The objects have been carefully selected by the Museum for their own peculiarity, creating a display of oddities not normally seen. These objects have in turn been transformed by children’s author and illustrator Shaun Tan, who has created intriguing stories for each object blurring fact and fantasy.

Holiday program from the 11th July includes
Beasties Robotic Petting Zoo
Ages 4 - 12
Media Mash up
Ages 12 - 16
The Odditoreum
27 June - 13 September

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