Monday, 13 July 2009

Melbourne International Film Festival

Now a MIFF institution, the Next Gen program within the Melbourne International Film Festival provides stimulating films for younger generations of cinema viewers.
I felt the SFF this year had a disappointing range of family /childrens films within the program so it is refreshing to see a festival that encourages mature cinema for older children.

The festival presents an extensive range of international films for older children they may not ever get the chance to see.
Highlights include:
Cheeky Girls - Germany
Based on a bestselling German book series, this raucous rock ‘n’ roll adventure is about friends, crushes and surviving high school.

Mommo - Turkey
A touching true story about the bonds between a brother and sister, set amid the picturesque beauty of a remote Turkish village.
Jermal - Indonesia
A young boy learns self-reliance in this extraordinary story filmed in a unique location – at sea, amid the platform-fishermen of Indonesia.
July 24th until August 9th 2009
Full the full Next Gen program

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