Friday, 15 May 2009

Earn Your Tucker - Rouse Hill House and Farm

During the school holidays friends and I took our children to Rouse Hill Farm for their Earn your tucker event. It was fantastic. 

The children were given hobby horses to ride up to the stables and then put through a series of tasks that would have been daily chores on the farm back when it really did operate as a farm. These included, collecting milk, turning cream into butter, feeding the cows, grinding grain for the chickens, pumping water, feeding chickens and collecting eggs. 

The children were kept entertained and busy for the two hours they worked on the farm. They then collected their hobby horses and headed back to the main cottage where a great meal of fresh bread, butter and jam was laid out. 

Adults were offered tea and coffee, children were offered chocolate milk. Each child was given the cream they made and a fresh egg to take home. This event isn't on all the time so you need to watch out for it but Rouse Hill House and Farm could be worth a visit anyway. 
You can book a tour of the farm or go on an open day. 

They also have a July event for 5-10 year olds, 'Snoops & Sleuths'. 
If it's anything like Earn Your Tucker then it's probably worth the drive.

For more infomation visit

Rouse Hill House & Farm 
15.7.09, 16.7.09, 22.7.09 & 23.7.09
10am - 11.30am | $10 per child

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