Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Daytripper by Simon Webster

Daytripper is my kind of book. A few years ago my sister and I decided to go to a new place once a month. We did it twice. And we’ve talked about it a lot ever since. Daytripper just may be the book to get us back on track again.

Daytripper contains 52 ‘great days out in the Sydney area’ and covers a diverse range of activities from animal parks to museums to gardens and walks and many other things beside. Each daytrip has a story of the authors experience, a historical look at the venue or area, a list of other activities in the area and a brief run down of the essentials (distance from CBD, costs, opening times, contact details ect).

It’s not a book you can read cover to cover but it is a book you can dip in to from time to time and certainly refer to if you are looking for something to do in the Sydney area. The only down side I can see to it is that the information (opening times, costs ect) may not stay current for a long period, also the jolly tone of the author became a little annoying in large doses. But in small doses, which is how I think the book is intended to be read as it started as a newspaper column, it’s quite amusing and certainly inspiring me to get away from the house and the usual haunts now and then.
Simon Webster
AUD $22.95
Publisher:ABC Books

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