Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Reading Makes You Feel Good by Todd Parr

In our house we know Todd Parr from Todd’s World which we’ve seen occasionally on ABC kids. So my son was excited to see a book that he instantly recognised as the illustrations are very similar to the before mentioned show. The story itself was not so much of interest to him however, I’m not sure the story is what it’s about.

The book has nice bright pages and a simple, positive message about the joys and uses of reading. Within the illustrations are plenty of words and I think this is where the book succeeds. A lot of time was spent picking out words and recognising letters. This, of course, can be done with any book, but because the subject of the book was reading, everyone was feeling a little more motivated than usual.

It did make me wonder however, don’t all kids want to learn to read? If yours doesn’t, or you think everyone in your house needs a little motivation, then maybe this is the book for you.

Reading Makes You Feel Good, Todd Parr
rrp: $14.95; paperback; ISBN 9780733319792

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