Friday, 10 August 2007

Welcome to the town of Kafkamêsto

My son discovered some great online games on the ABC ROLLERCOASTER site. The games are listed in the following categories: Animal, Art, Science, Music, Quizzes and Sport. The graphics and themes are fantastic and you will find something suitable for all ages.

Highlights include:
Dots and Diamond- A game where you are the detective and must solve the Mysterious Case of the Missing Mummies. As you search for scarabs and other clues lots of interesting museum facts are discovered along the way.

For older kids Kafkamêsto is very intriguing. "You awaken from an uneasy dream. You are in a small, bare apartment. You are alone. You have no idea how you got there. You don't even know who you are. Welcome to the town of Kafkamêsto."

In the t-shirt maker kids can design and print their own t-shirt transfers with a wide choice of graphics to play around with.

My daughter and younger son are enjoying the online activities that can be found on the Queensland Art Galley site. In The Call of the Wild Australian artist Justine Cooper invites children to play her game where the aim is to set the animals free from the museum and return them to their natural habitat.

Kusamas World of Dots is based on artist Yayoi Kusama’s fascination with dots. This interactive is great fun- children can select different scenes and add dots of different colours and personalities. If your child is still crazy about dots after this interactive - check out Latitude & Longitudes Wallcandy Dottilicious coloured dots.

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