Friday, 13 July 2007

Gondwana Puppet Theatre

Gondwana was presented by the Australian Museum, Sydney.

So there were only 12 performances for the July school holidays and guess what? they sold out. Children's theatre is alive and kicking.

This show was beautifully staged and executed, featuring Australia's amazing prehistoric creatures and land brought to life with full body puppets and large-scale inflatable plants.

The journey was a bit scarey for some of the younger children, you need darkness for puppets, which can be frightening. However it was a lovely journey seeing giant dinosaurs, insects, indigenous plants, life-size rocks and mammals.

The land masses changed shape, there was a bit of death and murder with flesh-eating dinosaurs nesting, feeding and fighting for survival.

Plus for my daughter the best part was the interactive session at the end, where Basil, featured as a performing animal. He was given eye drops, and fed leaves by various audience members. Plus we now know that his wife and kids live in New Zealand.

Performed by Erth Theatre Company, it was educational and great entertainment.

If you were one of the lucky ones to have seen the show, it was also great value.

Joanne Kee
Ceres Solutions

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